Asterisk Consultancy Service

Looking for PBX consultant ? Clickalize provides Asterisk consulting services for a wide variety of VOIP, Call Center and other business telephony needs. From small business to large corporations.

Clickalize provides expert installation and technical support services for the powerful Asterisk open source telephony engine.

Clickalize Consulting provides high-volume VoIP and Asterisk support, troubleshooting, administration and management services nationwide. From call center operations to small business deployment, experienced Clickalize’s engineers support all versions of Asterisk.

PBX Consultant includes:

  • Telephone System Design
  • Installation
  • Upgrade
  • Integration
  • Aterisk Hosting

1- Telephone System Design

Clickalize offer a free consultation where we analyze your business telephony requirements and determine how an Asterisk based telephone system could benefit your company to design your telephone system plan .

2- Installation

We will install your Asterisk server and configure it with all required features. We can supply all hardware, software, cabling and will even will even arrange for register telephone lines and internet connections.

3- Upgrade

If you are already using Asterisk and want to develop it, we can help you to upgrade your existing Asterisk server or to Re-configure your PBX system as your business needs.

4- Integration

Do you want to integrate your Asterisk with other business systems? We can integrate your PBX with any other system includes:

  • Phone Verification System
  • Click-2-call
  • Custom Contact Center Solution
  • Conferencing Solution
  • Asterisk Billing Solution
  • Voicemail Systems
  • Vici Dial System
  • Call logs
  • Screen popping
  • CRM integrated like Microsoft Dynamics
  • Instant Messaging
  • Asterisk Polling Solution
  • Call shop solution
  • SIP Soft Phone System
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • IVR Service and Development
  • 800 Numbers
  • Inbound and Outbound
  • Database Integration
  • Mobile VoIP
  • T1/PRI Gateways
  • Custom Application Development

5- Aterisk Hosting

We provide variety hosting options depend on your business needs :

  • Cloud-Scale Asterisk Hosting
  • Dedicated PBX or VPS Asterisk Hosting
  • Hosted Solutions

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