Asterisk Support Service

- We are available around the clock to provide variety of Asterisk Support for a new or existing Asterisk system. We support world wide customers through our remote Asterisk support system. With our Hourly Support, if your system need attention at any time day or night ,you will get instant response to your requirements 24 Hours 365 days.

1- Asterisk Support Contract with a defined Service Level Agreement:

There are many ways in which we can offer you asterisk services. Some clients happy to pay a fixed sum each month in order that they can rest assured they will receive prompt and professional Asterisk support the moment they need it, without concern with unexpected support invoices.

2- Ad-hoc Asterisk Support / Pay As You Go Support:

Other clients prefer to pay for their Asterisk Support ad-hoc when they need support. This approach has its merits in that when there are no support issues, there are no invoices to be paid. However, in the event of a catastrophic problem, clients could be faced with a considerable, unexpected support invoice to deal with .

Another problem with ad-hoc Asterisk Support is that it does not allow us to carry out any scheduled / preventative maintenance. Unless they are checked and found early, small problems can eventually become big problems. This is why we always recommend our clients engage with us in an Asterisk Support Contract with a defined Service Level Agreement.

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